Safety Policy
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Keeping your child safe is our #1 priority.  Please help us by noting the following guidelines:


ECDC will not accept responsibility for children dropped off at school before classes are scheduled to begin.  Both children and staff become anxious when their pick-up person is late. Please be prompt and call if you are going to be late.


Parents must list, with the staff, the names of individuals who may pick up their children.  The staff must have a written notice when any child is to be picked up by someone not already listed.


Emergency Evacuation Plan

If ECDC needs to evacuate the building and general premises, we will follow the Town of Walpole’s management plan.

·         Our assigned evacuation site is the Epiphany Church, next door to the school.  Blackburn Hall, which is located on Stone Street, next to the Police and Fire Departments of Walpole would be the alternate location.

·         If the circumstances and time allow, there will be a message left on ECDC’s answering machine and a note will be placed on each classroom door to notify the parents.  Each parent or contact person will be called once we are settled in at the church.

·         The Town of Walpole will provide buses if transportation is needed.  If it is quicker, we will walk, depending on the nature of the emergency.


Power Outage / Heat and/or Water Loss Closing

In the event that ECDC has a power outage, the building is equipped with emergency lighting for temporary purposes.  In the event of a power outage, heat and/or water loss, parents or emergency contact persons will be contacted and instructed to pick up their children.  ECDC is unable to operate with a loss of power due to the inability to comply with state regulations in regards to fire detection alarms, water pumps, telephone, and storage of food.