Referral Procedures and Requirements
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1.      A developmental screening is done every October using the PEDS Response Form.  Results are reviewed and scored.

2.   When a staff member has a concern regarding a child’s development, he/she must present a written note to the School Director and place that note in the child’s folder.  The staff member and Director will decide if further action is warranted.  Referral may be for any services including but not limited to: social, mental health, educational and medical services.

3.      If further action is warranted, the staff member and Director must meet and agree to a plan of action that will be noted and placed in the child’s folder.

4.      The staff member shall inform the parents in writing of the need for additional services.  Included should be a brief summary of the centers observations related to the referral and any efforts made to accommodate the child’s needs and resource and referral information.

5.      The staff member will offer assistance to the family in making the referral.  Written parental consent must be received before staff makes any referral.

6.      The staff member will provide a written summary of referral results.  A copy of this summary is to be placed in the child’s folder and a copy given to the parents.

7.      If it is determined that the child is not in need of services, the staff member will review the child’s progress every 3 months to determine if another referral is necessary.