Parental Rights
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In accordance with state law, the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) published the requirements for parent information, rights and responsibilities. ECDC is required to inform all parents of "the rights of parents" as stated in the regulations at the time of admission of their child to the center.  These regulations, as written by EEC, are available from the School Director upon request.


Summarized, these rights are as follows:

Meeting with Parents.  The School Director or her designee shall meet with the parent(s) prior to admitting a child to the center.  Parents will have an opportunity to visit the center's classrooms at the time of the meeting or prior to the enrollment of the child.


Parent Visits. ECDC shall permit and encourage unannounced visits by parents to the program and their child’s room while their child is present.


Parent Input.  ECDC will allow parental input in the development of center policy and programs. 


Parent Conferences and Reports to Parents: Staff will be available for individual conferences with parents at parental request. A written progress report of the participation of each child in the center's records and a copy of the report shall be given to the parents.  Staff shall bring special problems or significant developments to the parent's attention as soon as they arise.


Notification of Injury: ECDC shall inform parents immediately of any injury which requires emergency care beyond minor first aid and shall inform in writing of any first aid administered to their child within 24 hours of the incident.


Confidentiality and Distribution of Records: Information contained in a child's record shall be privileged and confidential.  The school shall not distribute or release information in a child's record to anyone not directly related to implementing the program plan for the child without written consent of the child's parent(s).  The school shall notify the parent(s) if a child's record is subpoenaed.


Children’s records are kept in a file cabinet in the office.  Only the child’s teachers and school Director have the privilege of viewing information in the file.  This information is used by the teachers to better assess the child’s development and progress.  Any screening or evaluations are placed in the child’s file and are shared only with the teachers directly involved with the child.


The child's parent(s) shall, upon request, have access to his child's record at reasonable times.  In no event shall such access be delayed more than two business days after the initial request without the consent of the child's parent(s).  Upon such request for access, the child's entire record, regardless of the physical location of its parts, shall be made available.  The school shall maintain a permanent, written log in each child's record indicating any persons to whom information contained in a child's record has been released.  Such a log shall be available only to the child's parent(s) and center personnel responsible for record maintenance.


Charge for Copies.  ECDC shall not charge an unreasonable fee for copies of any information contained in the child's record.


Amending the Child's Record.

(a)   A child's parent(s) shall have the right to add information, comments, data or any other relevant materials to the child's record.

(b)  A child's parent(s) shall have the right to request deletion or amendment of any information contained in the child's record.  Such request shall be made in accordance with the procedures described below:


1.      If the parent(s) is of the opinion that adding information is not sufficient to explain, clarify, or correct objectionable material in the child's record, he shall have the right to have a conference with the Director to make his objections known; and

2.      The school shall, within one (1) week after the conference, render to such parent(s) a decision in writing stating the reason or reasons for the decision.  If this decision is in favor of the parent(s), steps shall be taken immediately to put the decision into effect.



Transfer of Records.  Upon written request of the parent(s), the school shall transfer the child's record to the parent(s), or any other person the parent(s) identifies, when the child is no longer in care.


Research and Experimentation; Unusual treatment: No school staff member shall conduct research, experimentation, or unusual treatment involving children without written, informed, consent of the affected child’s parents.  Observations of children for purposes of study will be done only with consent of parent.  There will be no identification of the child in the study and no physicals harm shall come to a child.


Unauthorized Activities: Children will not participate in any activities unrelated to their direct care without the written, informed consent of the parents.  “Activities” shall mean, but are not limited to publicity (photographs and participation in the mass media) and fundraising.