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ECDC is unique in that it is one of only a few true cooperative schools.  ECDC is managed by the joint efforts of its Board of Directors, a team of early childhood educators led by the School Director and a Parent Committee.  Because we are a cooperative school, all parents are required to participate in the program.  The minimum requirement is to participate in your child's classroom on a regular basis.  Please see the section on Parent Participation for more specific information.  There are many other ways to get involved!  Parents serve on the Board of Directors and the Parent Committee.  Parent volunteers help with special school events, field trips, fix-up and clean-up days, and fundraising activities.


Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD consists of five members, each elected to serve a two-year term: a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, a Director of Operations, a Director of Public Relations/Marketing, a Director of Personnel, and a Site Facilitator.  The BOD transacts the general business of the school, considers all questions of policy and acts on the recommendations of the staff and the Parent Committee.  Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Chairperson - Manages the business of the BOD insuring that informed decisions are made according to the Policies & Procedures established by the corporation.
  • Secretary - Keeps the minutes of the corporation and handles correspondence of the BOD.
  • Treasurer - Directs the corporation's financial operations.
  • Director of Personnel - With the director, manages the hiring and review processes for teachers.
  • Public Relations/Marketing - Manages publicity needs of the school both internally and to the community and oversees the Parent Co-chairs regarding fundraising efforts.

School Director and Staff

Our teaching staff is the cornerstone of the quality preschool education, which we offer to our children.  Our School Director and Registrar is Vera Mykyta.  We encourage continuing early childhood education for our teachers.  We all benefit from their keeping abreast of the latest techniques and research.  Our teachers take pride in adhering to the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Education of Young Children and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.


The BOD, the Parent Committee, and the ECDC staff are interested in your ideas and concerns about the school and its programs.  ECDC is always striving to improve.  We both encourage and welcome ideas and suggestions from our parents!


Importance of Parent Participation

The school recognizes the importance of parent participation and welcomes their involvement at every level.  Since its formation in 1971, parent participation has been an expectation for all ECDC families.  Parent participation enriches the program for everyone involved.  Children enjoy sharing their nursery school experience with their parents and parents have the opportunity to watch their child interact with other children and to view the ECDC program first hand. Parents are welcome to visit the program at any time when their child is in school.  Any input from parents and communication with parents is encouraged.


Parent Committee

The Parent Committee consists of all parents who have children enrolled in the school. Parent Committee meetings are held in the evening approximately every 6 weeks.  This is an excellent opportunity to get involved and meet other parents.


Although every one is a member, several Parent Committee positions are appointed.  Those positions are the two co-chairpersons, a Secretary, Newsletter Editor, a Fundraising Coordinator, and two Representatives from each class.

·         Co-chairpersons – Together with School Director and Director of Operations, put together an agenda for Parent meetings and facilitate the running of those meetings.

·         Secretary – Take minutes of Parent meetings for distribution to all parents and staff.

·         Fundraising Coordinator – Oversee fundraising activities and research fundraising alternatives.

·         Class Representatives – Coordinate class parties and start phone chain in event of school closing or other situation.


The focus of the Parent Committee meetings is to facilitate communication.  The Parent Committee acts as a liaison between parents, staff and the BOD, helping to keep parents better informed about school events, policies etc. The Parent Committee plays an important role in fundraising and the planning of enrichment activities.