Constructive Action, Suspension, and Termination
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ECDC strives to meet the needs of all children and their families.  However, we recognize that this is not always possible and the need to terminate a child may arise.  Candidates for Constructive Action and Termination are families in non-compliance with any EEC regulations or ECDC policy as outlined in the handbook; or a child whose behavior is such that the ECDC staff cannot meet his/her needs or whose behavior is such that it interferes with the needs of the rest of the class.


Constructive Action

1.      The classroom teacher and/or school director will notify the family of the problem.  Every effort will be made to avoid suspension and/or termination.

2.      A meeting with the child's parents, teachers and School Director will be held to discuss the problem, determine a definitive time frame for improvement or change. 

                - The Director will document the details of the meeting.
                -  Teachers will inform parents of documented behaviors.
                - Staff will discuss behavioral interventions that may be used at home and in school.
                - A referral for appropriate services will be recommended when deemed necessary.
                    (i.e. evaluation, diagnostic or therapeutic services)

                - Families and teachers will have the opportunity to develop a behavioral plan for use in school and at home.

3.      School Director will pursue options for supportive services to the program, including consultation and educator training. 

4.   If the problem persists after said time frame is over, the family will be given a written warning establishing one week for improvement or change before being terminated.  Both the family and the School Director must sign the warning letter as acknowledgment that both have read the letter.



A child may be suspended from the program if that child exhibits repeated or patterned behavior that puts him or herself, another child, or a teacher at risk.  When the above Constructive Action Plan has failed, a two or three day “time off” may occur.  If, after three suspensions, the problem still exists, a meeting will be set up with the family, the teachers, and School Director to determine if termination of enrollment is warranted.



1.      Termination of a child/family will be at the Director's discretion after the Constructive Action process has run its course.

2.      No child will be terminated because of a special need or disability.

3.      Certain situations may call for immediate termination, such as when ECDC staff or children are placed in danger, or when ECDC policy or EEC regulations or problems are deemed too serious in nature to follow the Constructive Action process.  In this situation the School Director may act to immediately terminate the family.

4.  Termination of enrollment may take place for nonpayment of tuition

If the decision is made to suspend or terminate a child for any reason, ECDC must provide written documentation to the parents of the specific reasons for the proposed suspension or termination of the child and the circumstances under which the child may return, if any.