Authorized Dismissal Policy
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Any persons picking up a child (on the authorized list) must be at least 18 years and be able to supply documentation of their identity.


Under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, both parents may have the right to pick up their child, unless a court document restricts that right.  The enrolling parent, who chooses not to include the child’s other parent on the authorized pick-up list, must file an official court document (e.g., current restraining order, sole custody decree, divorce decree stating sole custody).  Absent that document, the center may release the child to either parent, provided that the non-enrolling parent documents his paternity/her maternity.


In the case of shared custody, parents will file a pick-up agreement that outlines which days which parent picks up the child.  If a parent attempts to pick up the child on the other parent’s day, that parent must document the consent of the other parent to the change in schedule.  If continuous changes occur, both parents will file a revised agreement with the school.


Parents agree to leave the program by taxicab and to reimburse the school for the cost of the cab, when a staff member believes that the child is better served if the parent does not drive.