Abuse and Neglect Procedures
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1.      Staff members shall protect children from abuse and neglect while in the program’s care and custody.

2.      The following procedure for reporting any suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect will be implemented.

a.       All staff members are mandated reporters and shall report suspected child abuse or neglect.  This report shall be made either to the Department of Social Services or to the School Director

b.      The School Director shall immediately report suspected abuse or neglect to the Department of Children and Families

c.       The School Director shall notify the Department of Early Education and Care immediately after filing a 51A report, or learning that a 51A report has been filed, alleging abuse or neglect of a child while in the care of the program related activity.

d.      The school shall cooperate in all investigations of abuse and neglect. This will include identifying parents of children currently or previously enrolled in the program; providing consent for disclosure of information to EEC and any person and/or agency that EEC may specify as necessary to the prompt investigation of allegations and protection of children.  Failure to cooperate may be grounds for suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue or renew a license by EEC.

e.       An allegedly abusive or neglectful staff member will not work directly with children until the Department of Social Services investigation is completed and for such further time as EEC requires